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The Easy Way

Let Eagle energy show you how to save money on energy!

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Offering you two ways to save:


1.    Low, no gimmick, everyday simple to understand rates.


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Enter your Zip, select your Provider (meter reader company) and proceed.  


o   Secure on line sign up on supplier web page.

o   Remember:  The only difference is who sends the bill and what you pay!


2.    Smart ways to save money with our Energy Master devices that actually reduce your bill by reducing the kWh you are billed for. Technology that has been around for about 100 years and until a few short years ago unheard of for homeowners and small business owners.


o   Products come with a 12 month satisfaction guarantee or your money back. $150

o    Made in the USA and backed by a 20 year factory warranty. 

o    Also available for 3 phase commercial units.

Whole house surge protectors that can be moved if you are a renter. They have a lifetime warranty. $150

o  No more power strip clutter. Protects every piece of electrical equipment in the home.

o  Easy to install.